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Bitcoin surpasses $ 50,000 for the first time thanks to Tesla



Bitcoin Pushed To All-Time High By Surpassing $ 50,000, Tesla Announces $ 1 Billion Cryptocurrency Investment, I Think The Trend Is Not Only Relentless With Bitcoin But Also With Other Cryptocurrencies As It Becomes more and more a trend, over the next 5 years there is also no doubt about the volatility of Bitcoin over time, the recommendation to someone who would like to invest for example a retirement account or something thing chose like that is not next.

Due to the volatility of Bitcoin, private companies are generally reluctant to exchange their dollars in cash for Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency accused of being used because it is wary of the traditional banking system and of criminals who want to launder money. silver. The government cannot assess your worth and I cannot make your dollars, euros and pounds sterling worth less than the value of the crypto card.

Another American company had already bought more than a billion Bitcoin in recent months, the currency of interest also China and is expected to put more than a million euros in digital currency during the Chinese New Year holidays, some economists tell us Bitcoin could surpass $ 100,000 before the end of 2021.

Par Paul Rios 22 février 2021


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