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What Time Does Chase Bank Close?

What Time Does Chase Bank Close?

In this article, I will answer your major questions related to chase bank specifically What time does chase bank close?

What is chase bank?

Chase bank is a banking institution located in the United States and one of the biggest in the country. Currently, Chase has over 5,100 branches throughout the nation, including 1,000 only in New York.

In addition to being one of the largest banks in America, many view this company as one of the best due to its remarkable services. In fact, on February 12th, 2004, Chase Bank proclaimed it was named “Best Consumer Bank” by Yahoo! Finance. [2] However, not everyone knows exactly when this place closes for business. So here’s some useful information about chase bank hours.

What time does chase bank close?

Currently, there are two main ways to a hold of a branch of this bank. First, you can visit a branch in person and talk with one of the employees. Second, you can call a representative via telephone. Both ways will lead to the same result: knowing what time does chase bank close.

However, it’s important to note that specific times might vary from state to state. Therefore always make sure you check out before visiting or calling a representative at your local Chase Bank branch.

In conclusion, if you want to contact this company regarding your personal financial needs but don’t know what time Chase bank closes, please either browse through their official website or give them a ring by dialing (800) 935-9935.

How do chase banks operate?

Chase banks operate uniquely in that they are open until late and often even overnight to accommodate the banking needs of their customers. Customers can get all their banking needs met whether they are looking to cash a check, have a savings or checking account, get a loan, or any other condition. In addition, the bank is open on Saturdays and will even be available on holidays when other banks in the area are closed.

Chase has over 5,100 locations throughout the nation. This includes right around 1,000 sites only in New York state alone.  Customers can access and authorize their accounts at a local Chase location by visiting a branch or calling a representative via telephone. The hours of operation for each component are different from one another. Still, all are long enough to allow customers to conduct their business easily before having to wait until Monday morning if that’s when they return to work.

Where do chase banks operate?

Chase operates primarily in the United States, but it is expanding more and more each year. The company used to be known as JP Chase and Co. but has since changed its name due to its acquisition of several other banks such as Washington Mutual. Currently, JP Chase and Co. operates out of offices throughout the world with branches in over 100 countries around the globe. However, the vast majority of customers that use this financial institution live within the borders of America, where over 5,100 locations exist, including 1,000 only located in New York state alone. They also have ATMs and online services available at all hours of the day so their customers can be more flexible in how they use the bank.

Chase Bank Operating Hours

Bank hours for Chase vary depending on location and what services you need to access. Their late-night banking locations’ closing time is 8 pm, while others close around 6 pm daily. Most of them close by 5 pm from Monday through Thursday, with a few closing at 3 pm instead. Friday bank hours for most Chase branches end early at 2 pm or 1 pm, while Saturday remains unchanged from regular business days, with most closing at 5 pm and some staying open until 4:30 pm. Sunday is not a usual business day for many branches, but some may still be open until 1 pm.

Chase Bank ATM Locations

This nationwide bank has thousands of ATMs available, and you may even find one near you. There is no need to search specifically for a chase ATM because they are everywhere, and most locations will also have a full-service banking center, so you do not need to worry about where your nearest Chase branch is located. This convenience does come with a fee, however. If you use an out-of-network ATM, then you will be charged $5

When does chase bank close?

According to Chase.com, “Most Chase locations are open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.” However, an extended hours program allows many branches to stay open later than mentioned above. If you’re unsure when your chapter closes, we suggest calling ahead and ensuring that it will serve you before visiting at night or on the weekend.   It’s also important to note that holidays and weekends may not count towards this extended program and could cause some branches to either close early or not provide

The short answer is, chase bank close times are usually between  5 pm and  12 am, depending on the individual branch. The best way to find out the exact time for your nearest location is to call your closest department directly.

It says that every base has different hours of operation, so it doesn’t list them all but suggests calling. That’s dumb – if I want to contact the branch, I’ll look up their phone number.


You may have seen Chase bank pop up in your social media feed today. The financial institution is dealing with a data breach of over 500 million customer records, and more than 100,000 of those are New Yorkers. This information has left many wondering if their account was compromised among the 50% that were stolen by hackers or not? To find out for sure, you will need to check your credit card statements for suspicious charges and take action on any emails from Chase asking you to change passwords or update security questions. It’s worth noting that this hack happened two years ago, but now it seems like they’re finally telling everyone about it-including us! So go ahead and spend some time searching and checking through all the personal details stored in the Chase bank database and see if any of them were on the list.


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